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Hard Water

Symptoms: Hard water is easy to spot; it leaves a bathtub ring made up of hardness minerals and soap. This scum collects on shower walls, clings to hair, clogs skin pores, and makes house cleaning difficult. Hard water deposits can also clog pipes, cause water heaters to operate inefficiently, and increase maintenance on water-using appliances.

Iron Water

Symptoms: Iron water is easy to detect; it may leave iron stains on sinks, clothing, and linens, or it can form scale in pipes and water-using appliances that make the water look and smell bad. A water-testing professional can determine how much iron is present in a home and which type of iron it is:

Clear water iron: Water is clear when drawn from the tap; it turns red after standing for a time as the iron mixes with the air and oxidizes.

• Red water iron: Water is red when drawn from the tap; the iron has already oxidized in the ground, well, or water system.

• Bacterial iron: Water has slimy rust or yellowish globs in it. The cause is bacteria in the water that feed on iron. While the bacteria is not harmful to your health, it is unpleasant to look at and can clog plumbing.

Acid Water

Symptoms: Acid water cannot be detected by the water’s appearance, feel, or odor. Its symptoms, however, are very apparent in the home. Acid water, in conjunction with copper fittings and fixtures, can cause blue-green stains on plumbing fixtures, and eat away chrome faucets, fittings, and pipes. It can etch china and glassware and corrode water-using appliances. A water testing professional can test for the degree of acidity in a home’s water supply.


Symptoms: Turbidity is simply dirt or other suspended materials in water. You can detect turbidity by visual inspection. In addition to being unpleasant to look at, it can clog small water-bearing openings and cause wear on valves, seats, and washers.

Taste & Odor

Symptoms: Tastes and odors in water do not normally cause physical problems in the home but can be very objectionable.


Symptoms: Drinking water contaminants cannot be detected except by professional testing.

Radon Testing

Radon can’t seep into your home from the ground, but it can find its way in through your water. At Advanced Water Systems, our goal is to ensure your water is pure and healthy. That’s why we offer high-quality radon testing. Radon is a particularly common and documented issue in well water. Call us today at (865) 344-5505 to schedule an appointment to get your water tested for radon.

Bacteria Testing

We test for coliform, which is a bacteria that is found in all warm-blooded animals and is an indicator of human or animal waste in your water supply.

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