Hero-385 Plus

hero-385 plus wifi reverse osmosis system knoxville

WiFi Reverse Osmosis – Drinking Water System

The quality of your home’s drinking water may meet local standards, but it might not meet your own. Ordinary tap water can contain dissolved metals, including lead and iron. It might contain nitrates, chlorine, and mineral salts. Your tap water could also contain other undesirable substances such as sulfates and arsenic. Fortunately, you can get cleaner, clearer drinking water with an EcoWater drinking water system.


  • Removes 99.1% of lead and is a BPA-Free System.
  • Patented HydroLink Plus® Wi-Fi-enabled technology allows for the remote display of valuable product performance, alerts, water usage, and filter life information.
  • 50 gallons per day production rate, industry-rated, high recovery 42% membrane.
  • The filters are enclosed for cleanliness and ease of replacement.
  • Changing filters does not require turning off the water, a simple 1/4 turn of the filter shuts off the water and the filter is released at the same time.
  • Post-filter reduces PFOA, PFOS, and VOC’s.
  • Additional filter selections are available including alkaline.