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The Most Accurate Leak Detection Solution

A single connected device, installed on your home’s main water line, that can find a leak anywhere in your plumbing system and shut off the water automatically. Phyn Plus monitors your water use to help you conserve and save. Protect your home, conserve water, and save money with Phyn Plus.

Why Phyn?

  • Potentially lower your insurance costs by up to 15% with a Phyn product.
  • Protect your home from leaks.
  • Conserve water.


  • Auto Shutoff mitigates damage.
  • Get alerted to leaks.
  • Turn off your tap with a tap.
  • Diagnostic “Plumbing Checks.”
  • Watch your water use.
  • Monitor multiple properties.
  • Water usage insight.
  • Frozen pipe detection.